Wayfarer’s Song

180px_aelfanSet in a world of snowy, pinnacled mountains, dark forests thick with mists and tangled thorns, grassy hills as green and silken as the seas: Mithgerd is a world in a mythic age, an age of god-like men and monsters. It is a world rich with magic, in which sorcery is not a tool of man, but a dangerous and corrupting power, age-old, natural and eternal. It is the world that existed before the gods who made the gods walked upon this green earth, a world in which the dim memories we have of gods and monsters have more than a little truth to them, and the heroic may bravely do what they may dare, and perhaps become legends themselves.


Wayfarer’s Song is a roleplaying game of myth and magic set in a world drawn loosely from Norse, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic mythology. Currently Wayfarer’s Song is in its second edition. The older first edition rules will remain on the Mythopoetic Games site for posterity, although it’s recommended that if you are interested in the game you should work with the much smoother and more complete second edition.

WAYFARER’S SONG (2nd edition)


Contains rules for playing Mortals, Duergar, Aelfan and Ettin.


Contains the core rules and complete rules set for Mortals.


Contains the rules sets for non-human player races.


A GIF map of the game-world for those who might find it useful




WAYFARER’S SONG (1st edition archives)

An archive for the older and no longer  supported 1st ed Wayfarer’s Song rules, setting and mechanics. It’s recommended that you use the 2nd ed rules (above). These pdfs have been left available mostly for posterity’s sake.

  • Core Rules: The core system mechanics. No character generation information is included in this file. (Download PDF)
  • Creatures and Relics: Information on antagonists and enchanted relics. (Download PDF)
  • Kithbook – Mortals: Character generation information needed for playing Mortals. (Download PDF)
  • Kithbook – Aelfan: Character generation information needed for playing enchanted Aelfan Folks. (Download PDF)
  • Kithbook – Duergar: Character generation information needed for playing Duergar. (Download PDF)
  • Character Sheets: Mortals :: Aelfan :: Duergar
  • And More: Olivier Rousselin’s Character Sheet and a walk-through

FRENCH LANGUAGE (Langue Française)

Olivier Rousselin has done some more excellent work and provided translations of some of the core rules as well as important tables for Wayfarer’s Song in French and English.

Le Tables: A summary of all the important tables needed for Wayfarer’s Song (1st ed) in one place. A very useful little addition…

  • French-English Version PDF
  • English Only Version PDF
  • Les Compétences: A French language guide to skills for Wayfarer’s Song Download PDF
  • Feuille Perso: The entire character sheet in French Download PDF

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