Danse Macabre

180px_covenA Roleplaying game of horror, intrigue and dark fantasy set in an alternative and dark Medieval Europe. Dark and monstrous things haunt the shadows of the forest and mountain. Old gods lurk mad and forsaken in their sacred pools. Wars between Heaven, Faerie and Hell have left all the mortal world bloodied and broken beneath the surface of things. A rot of destruction is spreading, and soon the final reckoning of creation itself may be at hand.


Danse Macabre is a relatively rules-light dark fantasy game with an emphasis on mood and horror. The game works around player characters of relatively insignificant power in a world full of cosmic horrors, monstrosities and dark things. Helplessness is not only potentially a part of the game, it is generally expected.

This means that Danse Macabre stands at quite a remove from traditional fantasy or epic fantasy games. The expectation is that players will have to tread carefully and slowly through a given game session. Problems will usually have to be solved through clever reasoning, not brute strength, and it’s quite likely that player characters will have to simply make a run for it when dark creatures turn up.

In short Danse Macabre is a game of careful survival, not glory.

It is recommended that Danse Macabre is suited for a mature gaming group. Some elements of the game have an adult, sometimes philosophical, sometimes horrific theme.



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