Spellwoven (work in progress)

I’ve finally had a bit of time to return to working on a game for a bit. I’m posting here a very embryonic work in progress as a pdf (link). Spellwoven has already been constructed and torn down a number of times. I’m a bit happier with it each time it is rebuilt, and now I’m finding that I’m happy enough to think about continuing through to the point of fleshing out the system as a whole. Will post copies as work progresses, and eventually set up a page for it. Any and all feedback welcome.


Spellwoven: Intro

It’s been a while since I’ve posted much RPG material. In the background I have been working at games on and off, and I think it’d be nice to start posting material in a gradual, slow sort of way again.

I’ve been mostly working on a fantasy game, Spellwoven, over the last couple years but the setting and game have changed so much that it has become largely unrecognisable from where it started. I’m going to do a bit of a behind the scenes reboot. To start off with though, I figure I should answer some questions that will probably be asked:

Why another fantasy RPG? The truth is that I just like constructing fantasy RPGs. It’s relaxing, low stress work. There’s a few things I’d like to do in a fantasy RPG that I don’t feel I’ve ever quite pulled off. Among these are:

  • Create a fantasy world that feels like solid secondary world fantasy but isn’t filled with elves, dwarves etc
  • Create a magic system that runs the whole gamut from an adolescent discovering wild latent powers through to rote learned spells written down in old books
  • Create a drama system that includes combat, but is tactical or fun regardless of what sort of action is running

How often are you going to post? Not often. I’ve a demanding job and a bunch of other projects, some of which are fantasy or SF related. I tend to over-commit to things, and stuff gets dropped. For now, maybe once a week, maybe. If I keep the expectations low with Spellwoven I’m less likely to feel that it has become stressful and then let it slide.

If you’re busy doing other fantasy stuff, why not set the game in whatever other worlds you have going? What’s the deal? I’m working on a series of short novella to novel fantasy books, but the magic is much too numinous and there are still too many secrets to turn it into an RPG setting. It just doesn’t fit an RPG mould yet. It might in the future, but not just now. If you’re curious the fantasy novella / novel series is just getting going over here. It’s not linked to the RPG material here, though, so that’s really only for the curious.