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The following is a walk-through of the excellent Character Sheet for Wayfarer's Song kindly designed and created by Olivier Rousselin. The downloadable pdf contains a complete Character Sheet in English over three pages. The fourth page is a copy of the 'The Legend' page with the information presented in French.

Olivier's Character Sheet far better captures the feel of the game than the official ones created by myself, and I recommend using it.

What follows is Olivier's description of the Character Sheet:

Here’s the presentation of the character sheet that I’ve designed for Wayfarer's Song..
This is the main document. There, you could find:

1. The “Name”, “Legend”, “Archetype” and “Coming of Age” categories.
2. The four attributes
3. A “Description” box in which players can write all kind of information on their characters: hair and eyes color, complexion, frame, general attitude and look, usual clothes and all kind of things that makes them distinctive (tattoos, necklace, earrings, etc.).
4. One table (and one only) lists the three categories of physical and mental health (“Press”, “Wounds” and “Outwit”), as well as the malus (menace) for dice tests. For each column, we have the five cumulative ranks, all named (for example, under the “wounds” column, we find the 5 ranks “Minor”, “deep”, “severe”, “grave” and “mortal”). Easy to use and easy to handle with! J
5. Under that table, we find an “Equipment” box…
6. And a “Disciplines” box, with two columns only. In the “Disciplines” column, the player lists the powers acquired, their effects, etc... In the “Insight” column, he notes the actual advancement of his character in the discipline.
7. We have also a “Soulburn” row with small boxes to notch
8. At the bottom of this page, three last boxes (yeah, I like them squared and so on. They remind me of my Lego toys when I was a child): “Taints”, “Stigmatas/After Effects” (For example: broken leg, crippled, one eye lost in battle, etc… Eh ? This is a harsh and ferocious world, isn't it ?) and “History” (where does the character come from ? Who were his parents ? His place of birth ?)

Each level of expertise, form “Unskilled” to “”Paramount” has its own column in which the player notes the skills his character possesses. For each level of expertise, I’ve precised the rank, from 1 to 7, in parenthesis the number of failures necessary to raise the skill to the next level (for example, it requires 5 failures to pass from “Unskilled” to “Rudimentary”) and the equivalent level of difficulty (from “ridiculous” to “Impossible”).
When a character raises his skill level, the player notes the skill’s name (like “carpentry”) in the next column, and erases it from the ancient one.
Under those columns, there was a little space, enough to add 3 useful tables : “attributes tests”, “skill test” and “Ranged combat tests”. Maybe more could be made ?

Here’s my favorite page. I’ve watched that, in every gaming session, players use a blank paper sheet in which they note all kind of things : the enemies killed, the name of the Tribe’s chief, of the sorcerer, the place where their characters take a rest, the name of the legendary Drakke, which lives at the top of the mountain, and so on. Some of my players accumulate that way a lot of drafts.
This LEGEND sheet is supposed to replace all those blank sheets and to put things back in order. Here’s how : before each session, each player prints his own blank LEGEND sheet in which he will note:

1. The adventures’s title
2. The date of the gaming session
3. Who’s the GM ?
4. Plus the name of his “Fellow Companions” (the other PCs)

Then, he got all kind of boxes and tables in which he can note everything which has happened to his character during this single adventure:

5. The “visited places”
6. The “encountered characters”
7. The “words of binding”, “pacts” and “geas and other taboos” that his character has contracted (Oops!).
8. And miscellaneous notes.
9. I’ve even imagined a “High Deeds & Heroic Feats” box in which players could write great things they wish to remember (lucky dice that saves the whole party or awful failures that have doomed them, or whatever stands between)

For each single adventure, there will be a different and distinctive LEGEND sheet. Which means that a character who would have survived ten adventures will have 10 legend sheets ! Each sheet will follow the previous one and the sum of them all will create an “Adventure Journal”. Every note collected in those LEGEND sheets will form the future (and glorious, no doubt about it!) Saga of the player character !
Also, I believe that this presentation makes it easier to search for informations during a game session. For example:
Player 1 : “well, well, the name of the witch we’ve killed in the Dunbar Hills ? Mmm.. Ah, here it is ! It was during the “Ride the Lightning Scenario”and her name was Illonna”
Player 2: “Oh yeah !, I remember, I’ve killed her with a single shot (laugh) I’ve recorded it in the “High Deeds & Heroic Feats” box. ‘Twas a lucky shot, for sure!”.
This is it !
Thanks for your attention

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