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Spellwoven (under development)
We're currently working on a rules-medium fantasy game, working title 'Spellwoven', intended to be a sort of modular system that would fit easily into a Tolkienesque setting. There's a forum over at 1km1kt if you're curious.

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The Big List of RPG Plots
Mythos of the Maori (Beta version)maori
A fantasy RPG set in the pre-European contact mythic history of the Maori peoples of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Enter a world in which the tribes of the people struggle for power and where explorers wander lands that no human has ever seen before, a mythic landscape of strange beasts and uncanny spirits.

Core Rules (Download PDF)
aelfanWayfarer's Song (2nd ed.)
Set in a world of snowy, pinnicled mountains, dark forests thick with mists and tangled thorns, grassy hills  as green and silken as the seas: Mithgerd is a world in a mythic age, an age of god-like men and monsters. It is a world rich with magic, in which sorcery is not a tool of man, but a dangerous and corrupting power, age-old, natural and eternal. It is the world that existed before the gods who made the gods walked upon this green earth, a world in which the dim memories we have of gods and monsters have more than a little truth to them, and the heroic may bravely do what they may dare, and perhaps become legends themselves.

Basic Rules
Contains rules for playing Mortals, Duergar, Aelfan and Ettin.
Second Edition Basic Rules (Download PDF)
Second Edition Character Sheet (Download PDF)

Complete Rules: Mortals
Contains the core rules and complete rules set for Mortals.
Second Edition: Complete Rules for Mortals (Download PDF)

Suppliments: Second Edition Kithbooks
Contains the rules sets for non-human player races.
Second Edition: Aelfan (Download PDF)
Second Edition: Duergar (Download PDF)
Second Edition: Ettin (Download PDF)

Map of Mithgird
A GIF map of the game-world for those who might find it useful
Mithgird (View GIF)
troldeWayfarer's Song (1st ed. Archives)
An archive for the older and no longer  supported 1st ed Wayfarer's Song rules, setting and mechanics. It's recommended that you use the 2nd ed rules (above). These pdfs have been left available mostly for posterity's sake.

Core Rules: The core system mechanics. No character generation information is included in this file. (Download PDF
Creatures and Relics: Information on antagonists and enchanted relics. (Download PDF)
Kithbook - Mortals: Character generation information needed for playing Mortals. (Download PDF)
Kithbook - Aelfan: Character generation information needed for playing enchanted Aelfan Folks. (Download PDF)
Kithbook - Duergar: Character generation information needed for playing Duergar. (Download PDF)
Character Sheets: Mortals :: Aelfan :: Duergar

And More: Olivier Rousselin's Character Sheet and a walk-through


French Language (Langue Française)
Olivier Rousselin has done some more excellent work and provided translations of some of the core rules as well as important tables for Wayfarer's Song in French and English.

Le Tables: A summary of all the important tables needed for Wayfarer's Song (1st ed) in one place. A very useful little addition...
French-English Version PDF
English Only Version PDF

Les Compétences: A French language guide to skills for Wayfarer's Song
Download PDF

Feuille Perso: The entire character sheet in French
Download PDF
covenDanse Macabre
A Roleplaying game of horror, intrigue and dark fantasy set in an alternative and dark Medieval Europe. Dark and monstrous things haunt the shadows of the forest and mountain. Old gods lurk mad and forsaken in their sacred pools. Wars between Heaven, Faerie and Hell have left all the mortal world bloodied and broken beneath the surface of things. A rot of destruction is spreading, and soon the final reckoning of creation itself may be at hand.


Core Rules (Download PDF)
Character Sheet (Download PDF)

Darkest Arts (Download PDF)
The Sacral and the Lost (Download PDF)
Faerie Lore (Download PDF)
Tales Told by Shadows (Download PDF)
glymStone of Souls
A short, quirky and off-beat fantasy game. The Stone of Souls is an experiment in building a fantasy RPG with no traditional fantasy monsters or races - not even humans. It is set in a weird and alien world that owes more to the works of Jim Henson (especially the Dark Crystal, ahem, as obvious from the very name 'Stone of Souls') and Lewis Carrol than JRR Tolkien or Robert E Howard.

Stone of Souls (Download PDF)
Character Sheet (Download PDF)
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